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Through SAEM I help people free themselves of pain, emotional baggage, trauma and liberate their authentic self for a more expanded life that is aligned with their Soul purpose so they can thrive. 

You are so much bigger than you think you are! 


image by Desda Zuckerman, computer graphic by Kim Glass

"Matter is nothing more than congealed light."

Paramahansa Yogananda

What is Sacred Anatomy?

Sacred Anatomy was mapped out by Desda Zuckerman - subtle energy pioneer, master healer and author of Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner's Guide to the Human Energy Structure - who has made a life-long in-depth study of the subtle energies surrounding all living things that she has witnessed since childhood. Sacred Anatomy refers to the seven systems of subtle and electromagnetic energy extending out 20 feet in all directions from your physical body. It is conscious and intelligent and holds the history of your Soul’s journey. The physical body is just one layer of an eight layer system.

Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine (SAEM) is a unique and advanced subtle modality that support personal transformation and health. It peels back the layers of debris, trauma and injury to your subtle Human Energy Structure. Doing this will increase your vitality and well-being and further the availability of your authentic nature. It is done in a partnership where both client and practitioner participate. SAEM is based on the radical premise that consciousness is anatomical. Access to this intelligence is the doorway to your personal evolutionary development.

SAEM helps with emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical blocks, stops and holdings. Together we can shift the things that keep you stuck in life, that obscure your future and maintain sadness as a habitual way of being. People report a wide variety of results. Everything from physical changes such as pain relief to increased spiritual ease in a meditation practice. The most common result I hear is: “I feel lighter... better...bigger... energized... I have greater awareness... I’m simply happier.”


Learning to incorporate the anatomy of the Human Energy Structure as an integral part of health and wellness is the new frontier for healing.


"Human bodies are complex systems of vibrations. Every disease is ultimately a distortion of these vibrations. That's why energy medicine is the key to a healthier future for people and society. And energy medicine requires a clear understanding of subtle energy and it's many puzzling features." Dr. Yury Kronn


To learn more, watch this video by Desda Zuckerman - the founder of Sacred Anatomy. Please note that since the making of this video, the work has been renamed from CoreIndividuation to Sacred Anatomy. 


Sacred Anatomy is the missing piece I had been looking for my whole life... SAEM saved me! 

Siri Ajeet 

How does it work?

We sit together in person or remotely and I assess the health and vitality of your subtle energy structure and look at what impact any malfunction, debris or misalignment has had in your life. It can be compared to bodywork for your soul. There is no hands on work and this is not Reiki, neither is it psychotherapy. I use a dowsing rod as a check and correct tool.


A typical session unfolds in three stages:


First we review your intake form. After receiving your permission to consciously interact with your structure, I take some measurements to assess the health and vitality of your structure.



With your permission always and in partnership with you, I make changes to your structure in three ways:

 * clearing debris stored in different parts of the whole

 * re-aligning anatomy that is out of adjustment in some way

 * addressing specific issues of pathology with procedures.

Only issues that are ready for release at the time of the session will be worked on.



Too often the cost of an energetic healing experience can be that the life of the client is violently turned upside down, physically, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually. In an effort to re-stabilize, the client re-creates the old familiar holding and is back at square one again. In SAEM one of the most valuable parts of each healing is this time of INTEGRATION and BLENDING to enable the client to more smoothly experience their new take on their life as soon as possible. This is done after each part of the healing as well as at the end of the whole.

The most important moment in a transformational procedure is when the client lets in or accepts and allows the shift. This is an essential event and I take the time after each alignment, clearing technique or healing procedure to allow the structure a chance to accept the change produced. This is done is a process called: WITNESSING. Naturally STABILIZING the structure after a major change has occurred is important. Once again the complete protocol for SAEM builds in space for this to occur.


Still curious about Sacred Anatomy? Watch this video:

Sessions with Siri Ajeet

I have received specialized training in SAEM procedures, anatomical alignments and clearings that balance the subtle and material experience of life. I work outside of time and space, which means you don't have to travel to me and you can enjoy SAEM from the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel room. 


ALL SESSIONS ARE CURRENTLY OFFERED ONLINE VIA ZOOM OR SKYPE. In case of technical issues with the internet, I can also help you via FaceTime and the phone. Our initial session is two hours. After that sessions are between 90 and 120 minutes. Please check your internet connection and use the bathroom before your session and give yourself plenty of time afterwards to allow for integration of the work we did. It is recommended that you schedule a relaxing day after the session to give yourself time to integrate the shift. Do not schedule business meetings or extended travel directly after the session. For best results, give yourself at least the evening before jumping back into your busy life. I kindly ask that you refrain from any other energy healing work for the week prior to your session, including Reiki, Shamanic practice etc. Acupuncture and bio-photon treatments are fine. I look forward to doing this sacred work with you!

About two to three days after your session, we will have a 15 minute follow-up phone call. This follow-up is included in the session fee. This is an important part of the work, so you will want to set that time aside on your schedule. 

Sessions should be scheduled about every four weeks or as needed because it takes that amount of time to unpack and integrate the work done in the last session. Every client is unique and presents different needs. You may need a session every three weeks or maybe just every six weeks. Your Human Energy Structure will let me know. 


Because what happened to You is not who You are...

because You are not a number...

because You are not a diagnosis...

because your wellbeing is personal...

because You are a soul...

You deserve compassionate customized energy medicine support that works with your very own energy structure.

Are you ready to achieve balance and genuine well-being? Are you ready to clear away the obstacles to a life of great authenticity? Are you ready to re-establish your connection to Source? Are you ready to free yourself from your old and tired story and experience deep transformational healing? I can help!
To book your personalized Soul healing session, email me at 
"I have metastatic stage 4 breast cancer, and I started working with Siri Ajeet about three months ago. Siri Ajeet has helped me so much! We have released all sorts of stuff and I feel better and lighter after each session. She has some great techniques and we are gradually clearing boatloads of karmic and emotional energies, as well as cancer energies. I love it, feeling the happiness in my body as "stuff" is removed and light energy brought in to fill the voids and harmonize the Sacred Anatomy energetic structure.

For the first time in a long time I am free of anger. I am happier than I have ever been in my whole life. I am healing and I feel it. It is astounding what we can carry around in our Sacred Anatomy structure, and still manage to function apparently quite well.

I love working with Siri Ajeet and I love how good I feel after a session with her! It is also interesting that with time and clearing I am staying much more stable and strong in my structure - I love that. I feel great - lots of energy and tackling projects around the house and feeling like a different woman.

Soul guided me to work with her, and soul had it right!! If you are guided to work with Siri Ajeet, or anyone, trust that intuition and go for it. Blessings and light and delight"

Shelley R. 

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Still curious? Watch this video:

For additional resources feel free to visit Desda Zuckerman's website:

Your Sacred Anatomy Home - Sacred Anatomy

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