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Earth care... People care... Future care


Doing personal healing work is so necessary; however we cannot forget about our environment. We can do all the healing work we want but if we don't heal our planet we'll never fully heal. I see the two as fully interconnected and they are equally important to me. 

Now you don't have to be a healer or a superhero to care for and heal the Earth. We humans are part of the Earth ecosystem and all of our actions affect the whole and the planet. We are all individually responsible for the wellbeing of our one and only home: Mother Earth and all the living beings who inhabit her. So your actions do matter. But no sweat, you can just start wherever you are and start small. Every little step matters. So what can you do and what can you start doing right now?


Here are a few suggestions to help you do your part in healing the Earth:

- compost 

It's super easy, even if you don't have a garden! Just throw all your fruits and vegetables and food scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells etc in a bucket and dump on the ground in a corner of your yard. Compost will add carbon back to the Earth.  

- REDUCE (buy less stuff), REUSE things you and others have (repair, thrift, share, upcycle), RECYCLE what you have leftover 

- use energy efficient appliances and light bulbs 

- plant some pollinator friendly flowers and plants

- use less water (take shorter showers, let go of watering your lawn, only flush the toilet if it's brown, water your plants with cooking water, grey water from your kitchen or the bathtub...)

- plant trees in your yard and in your community or town

- grow a vegetable garden or participate in a community garden. Don't forget to share and swap produce with your neighbors!

- no green thumb? No worries, just visit your local farmer's market and/or your local food coop for all your grocery needs! This will help you eat food that is local and in season.

- Eat less meat or no meat at all. 

- REFUSE single use plastic and plastic bags! 

- buy second hand at thrift stores or yard sales

- walk, bike, carpool, or use public transportation to work and places. Drive a fuel efficient or electric car. Drive and fly less when possible.  

- switch to renewable energy by installing solar panels on your home

- teach children to care for the Earth

- vote for candidates who understand the needs of our planet and who will take action to care for the Earth and her people

- pick up trash in your neighborhood, at parks and in nature


Thank you for doing what you can everyday! If we all pitch in, change our habits and focus on solutions, I believe we will be able to create heaven on Earth together.


If you would like further inspiration, I invite you to read through the following websites:


 Home - Rob Greenfield


#freepermaculture For Everyone!

Home — TreeSisters

I personally love planting trees, so this is one of my favorite organizations to donate to.

the Jane Goodall Institute Homepage

If you are not up for the challenge yet, you can still help by donating to any of the above organizations.

Thank you for making a difference!  

Environment Pollution
Plastic Polluted Ocean
Image by Jasmin Sessler
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