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About Siri Ajeet Kaur

I am here to Love, heal and serve humanity...

"Siri Ajeet is a naturally gifted energy healer." 

Linda D. 


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Thomas Edison said that "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

I believe that sooner or later all healing will be done through light and sound...

I walk my talk... 


Spiritual Counselor & Healer working for the Highest Good 

Welcome! I am so glad you are here! 


My name is " Siri Ajeet" which translates into "Great Victory" or the one who is "victorious through all challenges of time and space." I am here to Love, heal and serve humanity. My life purpose is to help, heal, empower, inspire, and elevate as many people as possible to reach optimal health and happiness NATURALLY through a variety of holistic therapies, including nutrition. I am on a mission to bring healing, health, happiness and joy to all. I particularly enjoy supporting women, sensitive people, healers, helping professionals, and change-makers. I am based in Sacramento, California and I am available worlwide online via Zoom and Skype.  

My journey with SAEM began four years ago when I discovered Desda Zuckerman through an online class for highly empathic people. I instantly felt a deep compatible resonance with Desda; I like to say it was "love at first sight!" I experienced immediate positive results from her teachings in my very own living room. I soon ordered her book "Your Sacred Anatomy: An owner's guide to the Human Energy Structure," dove in and the rest as they say is history! I then went on to taking some in person classes with Desda Zuckerman and started studying with her. The right words are failing me but all I can say is that SAEM is the missing piece I have been looking for my whole life. It was meant for me and it has saved me! I almost wished I had found SAEM earlier in my life. I have studied and practiced multiple modalities but SAEM is truly like no other and so powerful and effective. I am so grateful and delighted to be sharing this unique subtle healing modality with the world! 

SAEM has done so much for me. In just a couple of years I went from a life of stress and suffering to THRIVING. I was experiencing the worst years of my life and drowning in so much stress that a painful physical health crisis took over my body. That's when I realized that I was about to undertake a deep and long healing journey and that to unleash the Healer that I always knew was in me I had to fully heal myself first. Conventional Medicine had no healthy solution to offer. Traditional Chinese Medicine helped me quite a bit but what truly finalized my healing was SAEM. It took months but I regained full health.


SAEM has enabled me to regain full sovereignty of my being, reclaim my essence and reclaim power over my life. It has allowed me to stop taking on other people's stuff and energies, end burnout and compassion fatigue, and set clear boundaries with people. SAEM has created more spaciousness around me so I can be me and follow my inner compass instead of being influenced by the world around. More specifically SAEM has helped me stop enmeshing and entangling in my relationships, drastically decrease my stress and anxiety levels, and most importantly process and heal childhood traumas without retraumatization. I love how I have also been able to release karma from previous lives. SAEM has also brought me complete and much needed understanding of all the invisible "things" I have felt and experienced since I was a child. Since the age of 18 I can tell when someone is going to leave their body. In 2013 I experienced a healing from the Angels after I helped my cat transition. Not only did I feel it but I saw the extremely bright golden Light with my own eyes and even touched it with my own hands. I am clairsentient and my other clair senses have been getting more active these past few years, especially my sight, hearing, and sometimes tasting and smelling. 


In addition to my intuitive and empathic gifts, I draw wisdom from numerous life and work experiences. I hold the following certifications:

 * Certified Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Level IV Practitioner (October 2022- June 2023)  

 * SAEM Practitioner Masterclass 2021 (November 2021- May 2022)

 * Certified Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Level II Practitioner (2021)

 * Certified Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Bag Carrier (2019) 


 * Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (2016)

For four years I ran Sacramento Laughter Yoga. I shared the healing power of laughter with a diversity of community members and organizations.   


 * Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor (2013)


 * Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (2009)

While enrolled at the California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences, I also studied Life Coaching, Behavioral Therapy and Holistic Health, including the basic principles of Ayurveda. 


 * Certified Chiropractic Assistant (2007)

I have worked and learned with some of the best Doctors of Chiropractic in the Sacramento area.


 * AA Foreign Languages & Business (2000) from Université Rennes 2, France 


I am passionate about holistic health and wellness and all things spiritual. I love working with the Angels and the unseen world. 


I walk my talk and live a natural alcohol-free, drug-free, pharmaceutical-free and television-free life.


Being a healer is a sacred responsibility which I assume with the uttermost integrity and ethics. I am about quality not volume. 


I grew up in France and I am also a dedicated mother of another amazing sensitive being.


I have a profound love for the Earth, so you will often find me in my organic garden or in nature. I have a strong interest in permaculture, regenerative agriculture and I am passionate about saving the pollinators, ending plastic pollution, and global environmental justice for the greater good and wellbeing of all life and Mother Earth. I started studying Earthwork with Desda Zuckerman in 2021.  


I am always seeking expansion and the furthering of my studies. I will continue to advance my skills in the field of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine.

I am grateful to my most amazing teacher Desda Zuckerman, the founder of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine and author of Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner's Guide to the Human Energy Structure

I thank all my teachers, guides and guardians for their part in my journey. I am committed to growth, both mine and yours. Let's create some miracles together, shall we?! 


Love and Light from my heart to yours!


Be well. 


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